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Refinish your hardwood floors to restore their appearance.

Hardwood is among the most sought-after types of flooring—and for good reason. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and durable, and it adds value to your home. One of the best things about hardwood that gives it an advantage over other types of flooring is that it lasts for many decades, and it can last for centuries as long as it receives proper maintenance. Its long lifespan can be attributed to its ability to be refinished multiple times.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Durham, North Carolina

Hardwood floor refinishing refers to the process of sanding the wood to remove scratches and other surface imperfections, revealing a newer and more beautiful surface beneath. It also allows for the application of stain, which means you can change the color of your hardwood floors during refinishing. The last step is to seal the floors to prevent any moisture damage, dings, or scratches. The results typically last seven to ten years before hardwood floor refinishing is necessary again.

If you are interested in hardwood floor refinishing, we can help. At Complete Flooring Works, we have over 20 years of experience in the flooring business, so we understand how to determine whether your floors can be refinished and how to refinish them for the best results. We will make sure to prep the area thoroughly before we sand your floors. We can also help you select a stain. Whether you forgo stain or choose to apply it, we’ll finish off with a high-quality seal to add luster and protection for your floors.

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