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We offer wood floor refinishing services to restore the beauty of your wood floors.

When flooring becomes damaged, your only recourse is to replace it- with one exception. Wood flooring, including solid wood and engineered wood products, can be restored several times before they would need to be replaced. At Complete Flooring Works, we offer wood floor refinishing services in the Durham, North Carolina area that are ideal for bringing an old wood floor back to life or resolving other issues you may be experiencing with your wood floors.

Wood Floor Refinishing in Durham, North Carolina

Wood floors are not impervious to damage, and when those scratches, dings, and scrapes go from showing character to being annoying, wood floor refinishing is the solution. We gently sand the surface to remove a thin layer and then seal the surface again, effectively erasing the damage and restoring your wood floors to look like new.

Another reason for wood floor refinishing is if you want to change the appearance. If the shade of your wood floors isn’t appealing to you, we can sand and stain them to whatever shade you desire. This also resolves fading that may have occurred from UV rays over the years.

We begin by examining your wood floor to ensure there is sufficient life remaining to handle the wood floor refinishing process. Most wood floors can be refinished at least a couple times and some can handle multiple times. If you have questions about wood floor refinishing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment. We’ll have your wood floors looking like new before you know it!

At Complete Flooring Works, we offer wood floor refinishing services in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Wake Forest, Apex, Pittsboro, Knightdale, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Clayton, Holly Springs, and Wendell, North Carolina.


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