Why You Should Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can get stained, scratched, or faded. When you start to notice excessive scratching or staining in your hardwood floors, it might be tempting to get them replaced, but having your floors refinished may be the better option. Here’s why you should consider hardwood floor refinishing instead.

Why You Should Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing

  • Get your money’s worth: Hardwood flooring isn’t always the cheapest option, and neither is replacing it entirely. You can get more value from your flooring and a longer life out of your hardwood floors when you choose hardwood floor refinishing instead.
  • Choose the quicker option: Replacing your hardwood floors can take a while with having to remove the flooring entirely and then do all the work to install the new flooring piece by piece. Hardwood floor refinishing takes roughly two to three days, and most of that is waiting for the new finish to dry.
  • Get the same quality: The best part about hardwood floor refinishing is that we can make your floors look brand new without the extra time or expense that replacing your flooring would require. We can sand down your floors to remove any dents, scratches and other blemishes and even change the color of the wood staining or refinish it with the same color. It will be like getting brand new flooring but without so much hassle.
  • No limits on refinishing: The other great thing about refinishing your hardwood floors is that there isn’t really a limit to how many times you can have them refinished instead of replaced. It depends on the current condition of your floors, but typically, you can get your hardwood floors refinished anywhere from two to a dozen times.

If your hardwood floors are showing their age and need some touchups, perhaps you should reconsider scheduling that flooring replacement. If you’d like to learn more about hardwood floor refinishing or our process, just give us a call at Complete Flooring Works.