Key Signs You Need Hardwood Flooring Restoration

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Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, timeless flooring option that can help to increase the value of property. Hardwood floors are also known for being durable and low maintenance. However, they aren’t invincible to wear and tear and over the years, may begin to lose some of their luster. But another key benefit of hardwood flooring is that it can be restored instead of replaced.

Key Signs You Need Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Here are a few key signs that your home could benefit from hardwood flooring restoration:

  • Color: Sun damage and water damage can change or fade the color of your floor. A good hardwood flooring restoration will help your floor’s coloring to look more uniform and richer in color.
  • Shape: Water damage can also cause cupping, a term that refers to the floorboards bending downward from the edge in a concave shape. This can be resolved by either sanding them down or replacing individual boards.
  • Scratches and Dents: Quality hardwood flooring is installed with a protective coating, but eventually pushing chairs in and out, moving furniture, pets and foot traffic will break through the protective coating and leave marks. Luckily, these scratches can be sanded down and refinished to look as good as new. It is important to do so early on because scratches and dents can make your floor more vulnerable to water damage.
  • Stains: While spills can be cleaned up easily from hardwood floors if you catch them quickly, they will stain if liquid is left for an extended period. If you have multiple stains or large stains, hardwood flooring restoration can help erase them and return your flooring to its former beauty.

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